Eurydice Musical Theatre Dinner

Thursday, 4th June from 7.00pm

Join us for an evening of theatre, music and dinner in The Ox Barn. A modern take on an ancient myth. Looking for something a bit different…then this is it!

This is a story about making changes, taking leaps and being a daily superhero, told through a searing mix of spoken word and live electronica.

“The language is poetic, the play is expertly crafted, clever and funny” Kryztoff RAW

As profound as it is entertaining….Stage Whispers

Internationally award winning show from two local lads ( The Flanagan Collective and Gobbledigook Theatre) comes to The Ox. Inspired by the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Alexander Wright and Phil Grainger (the creatives behind this extraordinary story) have rewritten this ancient myth as a modern day tale.

Wound from spoken word and live electronica, Eurydice is the other side to the Orpheus myth: an untold story retold for the modern day from her/the female perspective. This is Eurydice’s story.

Leni is 5 years old, holding a superman costume. Eurydice is about to walk in to the first day of the rest of her life. A story about being a daily superhero and not giving in to the stories we tell ourselves.

They’ll be fresh back from their tour of Australia…..Alexander Wright & Phil Grainger’s internationally award winning retelling of Eurydice, an ancient myth comes to Crayke. Created with Serena Manteghi and Casey Jay Andrews.

Eurydice premiered at Adelaide Fringe in 2019. Since then the show has toured Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and run off Broadway, New York.

WINNER Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2019 ……..WINNER Best Music, Sydney Fringe 2019

Tickets: £40 per person and includes theatre & 2 course dinner & coffee.

Arrive: 7 for 7.30pm

Interval & Dinner: 8.15pm

Finish approx: 10/10.15pm

Tickets must be purchased in advance of the evening. Book online or call us: 01347 821506. Should you wish to stay the night, ask us about our theatre package.

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