Sister Agatha & Richard Newman

A Nun’s Story Literary Lunch

“The Sunday Times Bestseller”

A Nun’s Story- Sister Agatha with Richard Newman

The deeply moving true story of giving up a life of love and luxury in a single irresistible moment.

Wednesday 19th April 2017 – Tickets £16.95 per person        

10.30am -Tea and coffee

11.00am – Talk and Q&A

12.00 – Two course Lunch

Join us, the Author Richard Newman and Sister Agatha, for a thought provoking and fun filled morning and lunch. The former socialite has shared her story in a ghost written autobiography, A Nun’s Story, which chronicles her transformation from Shirley to Agatha.

Shirley Leach lived in a world of extreme comfort, wealth and status. With every good thing life had to offer, she was due to marry the man she loved a man who, in turn, adored her. But all this was to change in a single moment.

One happy day, in the midst of writing to her fiancée, her hand stopped riting unbidden; then it continued by itself, etching the words which would change her life forever:…but there’s no point now, as I am going to be a nun. That bolt from the blue set events in motion that caused Shirley to lose her mother and sisters, her husband to be, her horses, her parties and life of ease.

“It’s funny because at the time I had no idea what poverty was, as for chastity I had always been in love with one boy or another and apart from my mother I don’t think I had ever knowingly been obedient to anyone.”

This is at once a deeply poignant tale of doomed romance, and a heart-warming story of taking a leap of faith and finding a meaning in life beyond the wealth and comfort she was born into. Whether a believer or not, Sister Agatha’s momentous life will touch and inspire, whilst reminding us that it is perhaps better to accept that not everything in the world is yet explained. Sister Agatha, from York Bar Convent is now eighty-five and looks back on an incredible life of love, loss and belief.

“I am reaching now what a supermarket would call my sell-by date, but if there is one thing I know it’s that life is so precious that we cannot afford to waste a moment of it. There is always so much we can do, and always something we can do better.”

Books will be on sale at the event for signing at the end!

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